About Sjaak van Schie BV

Sjaak van Schie BV is a reliable and sustainable business specialized in the supply of high-quality Hydrangea. We supply these profusely flowering pot plants in various growth stages: from cutting to finished product. With locations in the Netherlands and a location in Portugal we are able to deliver year round. Our service to customers doesn't end with the delivery. We help them to produce a strong and beautiful end product with expert cultivation advice and on-site assistance. Sjaak van Schie BV delivers quality without compromise. Since 1980.

From cutting to flowering plant

Cuttings are grown at a modern nursery in Portugal. There we produce mother plants all year round, under supervision of a specialized Dutch management team. After harvesting the cuttings, thorough inspections are carried out to guarantee the quality. For rooted cuttings, the focus is on delivering hardened and uniform young plants. The young plants are then transported to nurseries all over Europe or grown further to half-finished plants in Portugal. Finally these half-finished plants are delivered to our customers who can finish them and make a beautifully flowering end product.

More than just...

...a reliable, flexible and innovative partner. We are permanently on the lookout for new technologies and developments to ensure products of the very best quality. Naturally, every customer has his or her own wishes and so we work hand-in-hand with our customers to tailor our products to their needs. We enjoy building a personal relationship with our customers and are eager to offer cultivation advice to ensure the best quality.

Sustainable cultivation

Sjaak van Schie BV sets great store by sustainable cultivation. We accept our responsibility for nature and the environment. That is why we grow our plants in a sustainable manner, using the least possible crop protection agents. Furthermore, our nurseries recycle almost all of the water they use. Our environmentally-aware vision is entrenched for example in our membership of the professional association Plantum and our MPS certifications.