Hy-pe. That’s Hydrangea in full glory. Under this name Sjaak van Schie BV supplies Hydrangeas in the most striking shapes and colours. The name Hy-pe refers to Hydrangea and the Portuguese origin of the plants. 'Pe' means 'at the foot of' in Portuguese, as a reference to the company’s nursery in Portugal.

Exclusivity is guaranteed. Which is what makes Hy-pe so irresistible for everyone seeking novelties. As a Hydrangea that stands out from all other lines of Hydrangea, Hy-pe has all it takes to become a real hype. With a taupe-coloured pot, a stylish label and exclusive sleeve, the splendid Hy-pe Hydrangeas are sure to catch everyone’s eye!

Sjaak van Schie BV is always looking for distinctive products. We regularly discover a new plant that deserves to carry the Hy-pe name. After a test phase, we present these new products to our customers first.

Don't miss the hype!

Check out www.hy-pe.nl/en for more information.

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